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Menopause Health Matters is an independent health and wellness website and blog. Helping women to be their own health advocate by providing answers and references to assist in making informed choices about lifestyle changes and treatments and how these can impact their transition through the stages of perimenopause through to postmenopause.

Menopause is simply the natural evidence of the maturing feminine body, something that has been treated as an unnecessary taboo in our culture. It’s not a secret that growing older holds a lot of social, psychological and physiological weight for some women. Thankfully, due to the number of emerging female voices and influences, the collective attitude is becoming more positive and empowering.
In November 2015, NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) UK, issued the first guideline on diagnosis and managing menopause. You can find the guideline for professionals and a simplified version for women patients here.

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Optimal Nutrition For Hair During Menopause


Nutrition For Hair During Menopause Woman Showing Hair Loss

Our resident nutritionist, Charlotte Debeugny, discusses optimal nutrition for our hair during menopause. Including the best foods and nutrients to prevent hair loss and to support hair growth. Read More>

Mindfulness – Meditate Your Way Through Menopause


Mindfulness Meditate Your Way Through Menopause Just Be In The Moment

Another fantastic article by Anne Wray… ‘There may actually be something to the ‘Mindfulness’ thing. And, if utilised correctly, it really could help women struggling with the emotional ups and downs of menopause.’ Read More>

Latest News & Research


Effect of Combined HRT on Breast Cancer Risk


A Breast Cancer Now study finds the effect of combined HRT on breast cancer risk is likely to have been underestimated. Women taking combined HRT are 2.7 times more likely to develop breast cancer. Read More>


What’s New About Menopause 2016?


What s New About Menopause 2016 Understanding Menopause Infographic


Following the 26th Annual Conference of the British Menopause Society, MHM’s Medical Adviser, Dr Karen Morton reports back on what’s new about menopause in 2016. Read More>

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