Benefits of Herbal Tea for Menopause

Woman Drinking Herbal Tea During Menopause To Ease SymptomsThe benefits of herbal tea for menopause are not to be dismissed.

The purpose of herbal tea during menopause is to support the body by balancing hormone levels and alleviating and reducing the symptoms of menopause.

Of course, the benefits are far more than just those associated with menopause, however, for the purpose of this article I will focus on menopause related symptoms.


Benefits of Herbal Tea

Black Cohosh Root Herbal Tea

Black Cohosh controls the secretion of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) produced by the pituitary gland which has a estrogenic effect.
Benefits: Hot flushes, vaginal dryness, irritability, tiredness, relieves PMS
It can be used as an alternative to HRT as it naturally boosts estrogen levels.
(Women who are pregnant or lactating should not use this herb)

Lemon Balm Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Benefits: Sleeping problems, PMS, settles emotional upset and is an anti-depressant, migraine headaches.

Red Clover Flowers Loose Herbal Tea

Benefits: Hot flushes and night sweats, a daily tonic during menopause, helps the body to balance estrogen, shown to improve cardiovascular function in menopausal women, relieves PMS

Sage Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Benefits: Night sweats and hot flushes

Chastberry Herbal Tea

Benefits: Hot flushes.

Ginseng Herbal Tea

Benefits: Hot flushes and night sweats. (If you suffer from Insomnia do not take Ginseng as it can cause Insomnia).

The T Lady: Menopause Tea

Benefits: This tea is made up of 5 herbs recommended for menopause: Black Cohosh, Wild Yam, Skullcap, Ginseng and Red Clover. The T Lady: Menopause Tea – Hot Flush Tea

Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea

Benefits: Offers general relief from menopause related symptoms.

Licorice Herbal Tea

Benefits: Hot flushes, increases estrogen levels.

Dong Quai Herbal Tea

Benefits: Balances hormones.

Chamomile Herbal Tea

Benefits: Insomnia, irritability and restlessness.

Valerian Herbal Tea

Benefits: Recommended to aid sleep problems since the 1300s.

Motherwort Herbal Tea

Benefits: Sleep disturbances and insomnia.

Macafem Herbal Tea

Benefits: Alleviates menopause related depression.

Mint Tea

Benefits: Helps with painful (cramping) symptoms of an irregular period.

Ginkgo Tea

Benefits: Helps to combat menopausal symptoms associated with mood, depression and concentration.

Ginger Tea

Benefits: Help to relieve irregular period pain.

Basil Tea

Benefits: This herb has a pain killing agent that will help to relieve all your aches and pains – headaches-aching joints.

When purchasing herbal teas, try to buy organic and caffeine-free to ensure that the herb is the main ingredient. Please make sure that you follow the instructions for any herb and be fully aware of the precautionary information. Additionally, many herbs are known to lower blood sugar, therefore, if you have an underlying medical condition such as diabetes you need to check with your healthcare professional before using. It may be that your current treatment plan is sufficient and any more may throw you into an unhealthy range.Content goes here


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