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This site captures a target audience which provides companies with an opportunity to enhance their internet marketing campaigns.

Menopause Health Matters currently has in excess of 60,000 unique visitors per month and is certified by the Health on the Net Foundation.

Brand Mission

Established in 2012, MHM is dedicated to helping women be their own health advocate in the lead up to menopause and beyond.

MHM seeks to become an independent authority women’s health and wellness website and blog.

The articles at MHM are written with a solid knowledge of keyword research and SEO techniques which consistently rank well in search engine results pages.

While all the articles are written with SEO and ranking in mind, the primary focus is to provide readers with up to date, realistic and optimistic, well-written content. As a result, MHM has a steady and consistent upward trend of organic search engine traffic.



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If you have a product or service related to menopause or other women’s health issues and would like to receive the Menopause Health Matters Advertising Media Pack, please use the contact form.

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