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Balance Your Hormones Naturally

July 14, 2017

Jan Roberts Clinical Nutritionist And Best Selling Author And User Of FemmenessenceThis is a guest post on behalf of Natural Health International by Jan Roberts, Pharmacist, Clinical Nutritionist and Best Selling Author.

Looking for something to balance your hormones naturally, instead of introducing them artificially into your body?

I’ve found the solution!


Natural solutions are definitely my preference. Unfortunately, when it comes to menopause, most of the natural solutions only help manage hot flashes and night sweats. But what about the mood swings, weight gain, the dryness that affects your sex life, the tossing and turning at night and the constant exhaustion? Sure, there are natural alternatives that might help with each of those problems, but if you’re like me, you have no desire to take six or more products that may or may not work.

What’s more, while many supplements may improve symptoms, they’re not addressing the root cause of the issues that affect women around and after menopause – hormone imbalance.

In the past, doctors prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and many of your symptoms would improve. But that was before research showed the potential dangers associated with introducing artificial hormones into your body. But even then, many of your menopause symptoms weren’t only due to loss of hormones, they were due to imbalances between all of your hormones and adding one or two via HRT never fixed all your problems.

So I did some research on natural solutions that balance all of your hormones. Did you know that to date there has only been one published clinical trial of a product demonstrating statistically significant effects on hormones in peri and post-menopausal women? That was the product I discovered!

About ten years ago, Natural Health International (NHI) published five years of clinical research on a product called Femmenessence. Turns out, it’s the first natural herbal product to ever demonstrate safe, statistically significant effects on hormones in peri and post-menopausal women. That’s because Femmenessence isn’t adding hormones to your body, it’s actually encouraging your body’s own production of hormones through your master glands – the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) Axis. By balancing your hormones, Femmenessence reduces hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and sleep disturbances. Femmenessence increases energy AND supports a healthy body weight, your heart, bone and cognitive health and also promotes healthier hair, skin and nails. I’ve taken Femmenessence for ten years – I wouldn’t be without it!

Femmenessence Symptom And Ingredient Chart

In clinical trials, women experienced statistically significant reductions in symptoms within 2 days to 8 weeks, with the majority of women feeling better within just 3 weeks.

The secret ingredient of Femmenessence is called Maca-GO® which has concentrated levels of key active ingredients that are up to ten times higher than raw maca, with 50% higher absorption.

Femmenessence Product Information Chart

NHI has done more research on maca and the benefits the right maca provides for women than any other company on the planet. You may be surprised to discover that most of those other, off-the shelf standard maca products work best…for men!!

That’s why NHI developed 3 different products for each stage of life: Reproductive Years/Menstrual Health, Peri-Menopause, and Post Menopause. It’s no surprise that Femmenessence has won several awards over the last 18 months both in the US and Europe and is regarded as the leading women’s health line for safe, natural hormone balance.

Balance Your Hormones Naturally With Femmenessence Products MacaHarmony MacaPause MacaLife






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