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Omega 7 SBA24 for the Relief of Dryness during and after Menopause

May 4, 2017

This is a guest post by Pharma Nord manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements.

One of Pharma Nord’s products is Omega 7 SBA24, a supplement which helps to relieve symptoms of dryness during menopause including intimate dryness, dry eyes, dry mouth and dry skin. Unfortunately, symptoms of dryness can stay with you into postmenopause.

Linda Lusardi Holding A Pack Of Omega 7 SBA24 Supplements For Dryness During And After Menopause


You have reached menopause when you have not had a period for a full 12 months following which you are postmenopausal. The time leading up to this is perimenopause.

Many women are familiar with hot flushes and night sweats, a constant sense of tiredness and mood swings but loss of oestrogen also brings on a series of symptoms associated with dryness of mucous membranes in general.

Intimate Dryness

Intimate dryness is a condition which affects around 50% of all women and inevitably leads to painful sex which can have a detrimental effect on relationships and a woman’s confidence and sexual response. Prior to perimenopause, your body naturally lubricates the vaginal walls with a thin layer of moisture but as your oestrogen levels decline your vaginal walls become thinner, dryer and less elastic.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes occur due to declining hormone levels which can affect the ocular tissues and tear composition made by your eyes. Symptoms of dry eyes include: dry/watery/streaming/sandy/burning and gritty eyes. These symptoms can be compounded by prolonged use of computers or hand-held devices (tablets, smart phones etc.) environmental conditions, certain medications and extensive use of contact lenses.

Although it is important to visit your optometrist or optician to assess the condition, eye drops are typically recommended with various degrees of success. An increasing number of eye health professional are becoming increasingly aware of the sea buckthorn berry which is achieving great results in addressing dry eye symptoms.

Dry Mouth

Prior to perimenopause, salivary cortisol is regulated throughout the day be oestrogen. Once your hormones start to fluctuate during perimenopause and decline in postmenopause some women have a continual feeling of dry mouth.

Symptoms of dry mouth include: soreness, sticky feeling, thirst, bad breath and oral health problems.

Dry Skin

During perimenopause, the skin starts to lose its plump, youthful appearance and maturing skin problems such as sagging and wrinkling start to appear. These skin changes contribute to making many women feel old before their time. One of the main problems is dryness which occurs because your skin fails to produce natural oils due to a decrease in hormone production. Seasonal changes can also affect menopause skin changes.


Omega 7 SBA24

Omega 7 SBA24 contains a combination of fatty acids derived from the sea buckthorn berry and it shows remarkable success in dealing with symptoms related to dryness in the body. This supplement contains Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 as well as vitamin A all of which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes. This is great news for all menopausal women as just one product can effectively address intimate dryness, dry eyes, dry mouth and dry skin.

Pack Of Omega 7 SBA24 Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsules

With an increasing number of sea buckthorn oil products on the market, it is essential to look for the SBA24 formulation. This is the specific formulation used in clinical trials which ensures efficacy and safety. The oil is extracted from the berries using an environmentally friendly, solvent-free extraction method which ensures oil purity and to protect the delicate oils from oxidation, each capsule is blister packed.

You can learn more about Pharma Nord’s Omega 7 SBA24 by visiting their website.

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