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So That’s Why I’m Bonkers! Book Review

April 15, 2016 | By Julieann Roberts, Editor.

So That's Why I'm Bonkers!So That’s Why I’m Bonkers! A girl’s guide to surviving the menopause by Sheila Wenborne.

This is Sheila Wenborn’s journey through menopause, madness and middle age.

Sheila was prompted to write this book following her being featured in the media raising the profile of magnetic therapy as a natural alternative to conventional medicines, in particular for the relief of menopause. She is also a champion for the benefits of magnetic therapy for animals which she experienced first hand through her arthritic collie ‘Bob’.

Sheila lets the reader know that although we might be 50 we’re not dead yet!  She writes with great humour and passion and her personal anecdotes had me laughing out loud or smirking surreptitiously, if I was being watched!

The book includes information about the ways of dealing with menopause both clinically and holistically. If you’re one for detail, you will probably need to go away and do some more research. It offers advice on
keeping relationships alive and considers the benefits of menopause and how
for some women this can be a positive change.

I read it in a couple of hours but it was a great couple of hours! So…That’s Why I’m Bonkers!: A girl’s guide to surviving the menopause




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