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Struggling with Low Desire in Menopause? Help is at hand!

April 20, 2016 | By Julieann Roberts, Editor.

Are you struggling with low desire in menopause? Don’t worry, help is at hand! I mean that in the literal sense and am excited to introduce you to a product called Fiera, designed by Nuelle, a small, discreet, hands free product that stimulates blood flow to the clitoris and encourages vaginal lubrication.

Fiera For Low Desire In Menopause


Although targeted at women of all ages, Fiera is proven to enhance sexual wellness of menopausal and postmenopausal women. So, if you need help to get you in the mood both physically and mentally, Fiera may be the solution.

While women may feel varying degrees of change in desire during menopause, it is not an absolute and it is not irreversible.

Low desire can be a great concern for some women, especially those who are:-

  • Experiencing symptoms of perimenopause
  • Are postmenopausal or have undergone surgical menopause
  • Are experiencing relationship fatigue
  • Reviving sex life post baby

Low desire or loss of libido means a reduction or lack of interest and desire in sexual activity. This is when plummeting desire and the rareness of sexual thoughts can become a source of concern, undercutting a woman’s satisfaction with her relationship and changing her sense of sexuality and self. In some cases, a woman’s loss of desire is less of a problem for her, but it frustrates her partner and threatens to weaken their relationship.

However, without sexual activity, the vagina can become smaller and uncomfortably tighter. Remaining sexually active will help to preserve the elasticity of the vagina. So if you feel that your low desire is down to the fact that you’re dog tired, sweaty, irritable, suffering with vaginal dryness and are still adjusting to your fuller figure then it is going to take some energy on your part in getting the spark back and there is nothing wrong in having a little help along the way! Fiera can be used privately in advance of sex or can be incorporated into foreplay with your partner.

Here are the results of a consumer study by Fiera; the results speak for themselves.

Women aged 25-69 used Fiera for 4 weeks

  • 87% of women felt ‘in the mood’
  • 83% enjoyed engaging in sex
  • 75% felt excited and ready for sex
  • 67% felt increased genital lubrication

Causes of Low Desire

Physical causes of lack of desire include; hormonal changes, medication, hysterectomy, diabetes, vaginal dryness/atrophy, chronic disease, pain related condition such as vaginal/uterine prolapse.

Psychological causes of low desire include; stress, fatigue, changes in body image and self-esteem, concern about aging, depression, mood swings, and anxiety.

Life causes include; changes in partner’s physical health, changes in partners sex drive, lack of communication between partners, family changes, major life changes such as bereavement and trauma.


Impact of Hormones on Sexual Desire

Estrogen plays a major role in female sexuality by enhancing sensations, preserving the health of vaginal tissues and aiding in the production of vaginal lubrication. Declining estrogen is also the cause of hot flashes and night sweats, weight gain, insomnia and mood swings, which can all make a woman feel less attractive.

Progesterone is also integral to maintaining sexual health. When levels become too low, this results in symptoms such as irregular periods and fatigue, which can cause loss of libido.

Testosterone is the main hormone for sexual desire, so when the body begins to produce lower levels of this hormone it causes lack of desire.


Maintaining Open Communication with your Partner

If you lose intimacy with your partner, your sexual desire will naturally reduce. It is important that you communicate well with your partner to maintain your emotional bond.

Remember that your partner will also be going through changes as part of the aging process. They may need more stimuli than they used to and may also have body image issues or be taking medication.


How Does Fiera Work?

Fiera For Low Desire In MenopauseFiera is shaped to comfortably tuck under the labia, atop the clitoris. The product forms a seal with your body through gentle suction. There are three patterns and intensity options to stimulate the nerves of the clitoris, and it comes with two different fits of Sofsense rings to ensure a comfortable fit with your body. You will need to play around with it to find the right setting for you and although you will have feelings of genital warmth, tingling and fullness, Fiera is not designed for orgasm. You simply remove it when you are ready and excited for sex.



Fiera is only available to buy in the US and Canada. You can find more information about this product by visiting the Fiera website.


Fiera Arouser for Her is manufactured by Nuelle a sexual wellness and intimate care company focused on delivering groundbreaking solutions made specifically for women.

 This post is sponsored by Nuelle.




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