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How to Treat Vaginal Dryness with Lubrigyn

August 28, 2015 | By Julieann Roberts, Editor.

How To Treat Vaginal Dryness With Lubrigyn

This post is sponsored by Lubrigyn, a new way to keep moisture where it belongs. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been lucky, despite the fact that I’ve poured myself into skinny jeans most of my life, worn synthetic underwear and have used scented body wash, I never had any problems in the nether regions. Until, that is, I reached menopause.

If you’ve ever been uncomfortable down there, you’ll know that you feel uncomfortable everywhere.

As your estrogen levels fall in menopause, your vagina walls become thinner, dryer and less elastic. This change disrupts your body’s ability to naturally lubricate the vagina. This can cause all sorts of problems, such as itching, burning and dryness/pain during sex. I had been suffering from most of these issues since reaching menopause, until I tried Lubrigyn Lotion and Lubrigyn Cream, from Italy, which are now available in the US.



How To Treat Vaginal Dryness With Lurigyn LotionLubrigyn Lotion is a cream which cleanses, moisturizes and lubricates at the same time. It can be used every day in the shower as your regular soap or applied with a tissue, without water. Because it is a cream, not a gel, it is better absorbed into the mucous membrane. It also contains sodium hyaluronate which is used in many skin care products to retain moisture – it is considered the ultimate moisturizing ingredient for facial skin, so we know it helps the vaginal tissue stay supple and moist. Other brands don’t have this active ingredient. The lotion also contains sweet almond, jojoba and olive oils, chamomile and aloe vera all well known for their soothing, softening and refreshing benefits.

A 7-fluid ounce tube of the Lotion is approximately $12 and should last 45 days. A pack of 15 Lubrigyn Wipes is currently included with the lotion. The wipes are hydrating and are infused with many of the same ingredients as the lotion and are a handy addition to your purse.

How To Treat Vaginal Dryness With Lubrigyn Cream


Lubrigyn Cream is a more concentrated version of the lotion and can either be used as a vaginal moisturizer, two or three times a day and/or a lubricating cream before intercourse. The cream is water-based, non-oily, non-sticky and doesn’t contain fragrance. It helps to rebuild collagen in the vagina that is depleted after menopause and is effective in relieving more severe symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

The cream is dispensed with a 1.7 fluid ounce airless pump and also sells for approximately $12.


I can’t recommend Lubrigyn Lotion and Cream enough. My symptoms were quite severe and are now, after just two weeks, under control. I recommend that any woman in menopause who is experiencing vaginal dryness and associated issues try these products. I find the lotion a very soothing product to use at shower time and I believe that this alone would have taken the edge off my dryness. The cream, however, due to it being a more concentrated version, was just what I needed post menopause and has totally alleviated the problems I was experiencing.

As well as menopause, vaginal dryness can be associated with the natural aging process, medication and diabetes.

Lubrigyn has been successfully selling across Europe since 2004. CVS is now carrying it in most of its stores, and online, so American women will have the chance to use it, too. The cream is FDA approved and does not require a prescription.

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